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General information about the Company

Accounting and reporting

When is the next BCE earnings release?
Click here for BCE’s next earnings release date. You will find upcoming investor events dates on the Calendar page.

Does BCE expense stock options granted to employees?
Yes we do. Effective January 1, 2002, we adopted new recommendations by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants for expensing employee stock options. You will find more information about the impact of this change on our financial results in the Management's Discussion and Analysis section of our Quarterly reports.

Does BCE use “off-balance sheet” arrangements?
Yes we do. These are disclosed and discussed in the Notes to the Consolidated Statements in our Quarterly and Annual reports. BCE’s Audit Committee assesses the use of off-balance sheet arrangements and complies with new Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants guidelines which became effective in 2004. 

Who are the company' auditors?
Deloitte LLP. 

Does your fiscal year run on a calendar year basis?
Yes, our year-end is December 31.



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