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General questions

Registered shareholders or non-registered shareholders

A registered shareholder holds share certificate(s) indicating the number of shares held. A registered shareholder can enroll in the Dividend reinvestment and stock purchase plan (Plan) and manage their accounts through BCE’s transfer agent, AST Trust Company (Canada) (AST).

Most investors who own BCE shares are non-registered or beneficial shareholders. If you purchased shares through a broker and your shares remained in an account with the brokerage firm, your shares are non-registered. They are held in the name of the brokerage firm (street name). In this case, you do not hold a share certificate and you should contact your broker for any matters concerning those shares.

How to become a registered shareholder or a non-registered shareholder
To become a registered shareholder, contact your broker and request a certificate for your shares. Customarily, there is a fee for this service and the process usually takes several weeks to complete.

To become a non-registered shareholder, simply take your share certificate(s) to the broker of your choice.



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