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BCE 2016 Annual General Shareholder Meeting

Event time & location


Thomas C. O'Neill
Chair of the Board

George Cope
President and Chief Executive Officer

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Information for our shareholders

Shareholder feedback
As a BCE shareholder, you can submit your feedback on any matter related to our 2016 Annual General Shareholder Meeting, including the advisory vote on executive compensation, using the online form below.

We welcome your input. 

Online Form

Letter to Shareholder (PDF 453 KB – March 3, 2016)

Compensation Discussion & Analysis (PDF 517 KB – March 3, 2016)

Voting online
To exercise your vote online, if you are a registered shareholder (holder of a share certificate) please go to Vote my proxy and follow the instructions on screen. You will need the 12-digit control number located on your proxy form.

If you are a non-registered shareholder (have an account with a financial intermediary, e.g. a bank, trust company, broker or nominee), go to the Vote page and follow the instructions.

If you are voting online, you must do so prior to 4:45 p.m. (Eastern time) on Wednesday, April 27, 2016.

Sign up for electronic delivery 
BCE shareholders can choose to be notified by e-mail every time key shareholder documents become available.

To do so, registered shareholders can enroll for electronic delivery through this link: Transmission services for registered shareholders.

Non-registered shareholders can request electronic delivery through this link: Transmission services for non-registered shareholders.

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