Mirko Bibic

President and CEO
BCE Inc. and Bell Canada

Accelerating initiatives that are helping to build a better Canada

As we advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world, the Bell team is championing customer experience and building better communities, enabled by adherence to an environmental, social and governance (ESG) program that sets the pace for our industry.

Executing 6 Strategic Imperatives – build the best networks; drive growth with innovative services; deliver the most compelling content; champion customer experience; operate with agility and cost efficiency; and support our customers and communities – Bell is leading Canada’s move forward into a new digital economy with a steadfast focus on responsibility and sustainability.

Deploying Canada’s best networks

It starts with our networks, which are connecting communities of all kinds with the fastest broadband connections. In response to surging demand across our services during COVID-19, Bell quickly enhanced network capacity while also accelerating our fibre and wireless rollouts – including reaching approximately 140,000 more locations than originally planned in rural Canada with our Wireless Home Internet service and expanding into Atlantic Canada.

We’re also ready to help drive Canada’s recovery with our accelerated network capital plan, which will enable us to reach hundreds of thousands more homes and businesses with fibre and Wireless Home Internet connections by the end of this year, while Bell 5G, the fastest mobile network in Canada, is on track to reach 70 percent national population coverage.

Advancing environmental innovation

To achieve our plan to be carbon neutral by 2025, we are optimizing facility and equipment heating and cooling, swiftly reducing electricity usage while also investing in solar and other renewable energy options for cell sites and other installations. In addition, we are proud to announce that Bell will reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, in line with a 1.5 Celsius emissions scenario based on our commitment to set a science-based target through the Science Based Targets initiative.

Deployment of our 5G network will also help reduce Canada’s overall carbon footprint. 5G will support 1000 times the data traffic at half the current energy levels required over the next 10 years, enhancing the potential for Internet of Things (IoT) and other innovative technologies and applications to amplify environmental benefits even further.

As part of our past annual investment of over $500 million in research and development – the most by any Canadian communications company – we supported projects exploring further energy-saving solutions enabled by our networks. Our partnerships with Canadian universities and innovation centres are supporting the development of new IoT connected homes and cars, and new Artificial Intelligence applications, while also enhancing our cyber-security capabilities.

Driving social change

Bell is building equity, diversity and inclusion into the way we work, with initiatives announced in 2020 to increase BIPOC representation in Bell senior management to 25% by 2025 and 40% for new graduates and interns. We’ve launched a new Inclusive Leadership Development Program for team leaders, and partnered with the Onyx Initiative, Ascend Canada, BIPOC TV & Film and Indigenous Works to expand training, skills development and job opportunities.

Leveraging the scale and reach of the Bell Let’s Talk initiative, we also launched a new Diversity Fund to promote the mental health and well-being of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities across Canada.

Transitioning to the new digital economy

COVID-19 has impacted the ways we all live and work, and Bell has adapted to ensure we continue to safely deliver the best possible experience for our customers. In 2020, we developed popular new online and mobile customer self-serve options, remote installation and repair options to ensure customer and team safety, and dedicated programs like one-stop Move Valet to ease the way when customers change residences and Bell Total Connect for large businesses managing remote workforces.

We’re bringing our service innovation further, including to rural and remote communities across Canada with our ongoing Wireless Home Internet buildouts in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, Québec and Manitoba and partnerships with the federal and provincial governments on jointly funded initiatives to extend broadband to underserved and hard to reach areas. This includes a program funded in part by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission enabling our Northwestel subsidiary to deliver 50/10 Mbps service to 10,000 homes in Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

Leading Canadian communications forward

Bell has the solid foundation in networks, services and people to help enable Canada’s social and economic recovery, drive our country’s leadership in the digital economy and deliver competitive choices and better experiences for our customers.

Strengthened by our longstanding commitment to corporate responsibility and adherence to international standards, including the United Nations Global Compact and its principles regarding labour, human rights, environment and anti-corruption, Bell continues to lead the way forward in a dynamic and competitive Canadian communications industry.

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Mirko Bibic
President and Chief Executive Officer BCE Inc. and Bell Canada