Mirko Bibic

President and Chief Executive Officer
BCE Inc. and Bell Canada

Message from the CEO

Investing to build a better today and tomorrow

Bell’s purpose to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world is rooted in our commitment to being a leader in corporate responsibility through Bell for Better. By investing to improve our world, our communities and our workplace, and guided by adherence to the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards, we are delivering on that purpose and enabling a sustainable future for all Canadians.

Bell is Canada’s largest communications company and we are empowering customers, communities, businesses, governments and investors to successfully confront social and economic challenges and take advantage of new opportunities, as we have throughout our 142-year history.

Responsible corporate leadership is part of our DNA. With six strategic imperatives guiding our actions – build the best networks; drive growth with innovative services; champion customer experience; deliver the most compelling content; operate with speed and agility; and invest and engage in our people and create a sustainable future – Bell is proud to play an important role in creating a thriving, prosperous and more connected world.

Improving connectivity

Providing outstanding network resiliency and performance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep Canadians connected and informed, we accelerated our capital spending in 2021 to expand the availability of fibre, rural broadband and next-generation 5G wireless networks to meet current and future needs and support Canada’s recovery.

As a direct result of Bell’s increased capital expenditures of $4.8 billion in 2021 alone – accelerated spending that will continue throughout 2022 – approximately 1.1 million additional homes and businesses had access to better broadband by the end of 2021, and over 70% of Canadians in more than 1,000 communities across the country were able to access Bell’s 5G wireless services.

Achieving and even exceeding our network targets means more Canadians can take advantage of innovative online services and applications that improve customer experiences and support local economies.

Adapting our operations

Having energy management programs in place that are the most accredited of any communications company in Canada, we are proud at Bell to be a longstanding leader in advancing environmental initiatives.

As challenges and risks associated with climate change increase, Bell continues to be a leader in developing and launching innovative new online services, virtual capabilities, 5G solutions and IoT applications. We are also continuing to adopt renewable energy sources, expand our waste diversion programs and retrofit facilities to bring us closer to our goal of carbon neutral operations by 2025.

Consistently adapting and improving our networks, services and environmental practices also accelerates the shift to a more circular economy and more sustainable business models among customers and suppliers, with net positive results for all Canadians.

Delivering for communities

Keeping Canadians informed and entertained on TV, radio and digital platforms, Bell Media’s popular English-and French-language programming resonates with audiences, reflects our diverse cultural values and delivers Canada’s most-watched local and national news to communities across the country.

Our Bell Let’s Talk mental health initiative also continues to help build stronger and healthier communities. Recent initiatives include the 2021 launch of a new mobile app that provides more Canadians, including those in rural and remote areas, with access to programs and services offered by the Strongest Families Institute, an especially important initiative given increased demand for mental health services due to COVID‑19.

Over the last 12 years, Bell Let’s Talk has worked with over 1,300 organizations to provide mental health support and services in communities nationwide. Our annual Bell Let’s Talk Day continues to bring together voices in support of mental health across Canada and around the world, and our most recent event on January 26, 2022 set a new record with 164,298,820 messages of support. Overall, we have increased Bell funding for mental health initiatives to more than $129 million since 2010.

A solid foundation

Reflecting the cultural diversity of our customers and communities is essential to how we run our business, and we are actively working to build a culture of respect, inclusion and accessibility across Bell. We are also fostering new opportunities for diverse talent and suppliers, providing additional resources for skills development within Bell and introducing new ways of working to be more flexible, enhancing a workplace already widely recognized as among Canada’s best.

In 2021, we launched the Bell for Better platform, our commitment to foster a better world, better communities and a better workplace. Bell for Better commitments is our longstanding leadership in corporate responsibility and ESG standards. This ongoing leadership supports sustainable growth and helps us deliver on our purpose: To advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world.

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Mirko Bibic
President and Chief Executive Officer BCE Inc. and Bell Canada