Improving industry standards

As we seek to champion the customer experience, Bell views all interactions as key building blocks that make it easier to do business with us at every level, from sales to installation to ongoing support for current customers.

Aligning with industry standards

This focus also aligns with new industry standards adopted by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), including codes of conduct. It also informs on additional steps Bell is taking to promote stronger working relationships with other service providers that benefit Canadian consumers and businesses.

In 2020, a new CRTC-mandated Internet Code for Canada’s leading Internet service providers came into effect. This new Code sets out a number of best practices with respect to the clarity of information provided to customers and is in addition to CRTC codes of conduct already in place for mobile wireless, TV, and home phone services.

Also in 2020, Bell began simplifying the process surrounding access to our aerial infrastructure by other Internet service providers in the province of Québec, while at the same time continuing to ensure the safety of workers and the public. This initiative means that other service providers are now able to conduct their own structural surveys and carry out work as soon as their own engineers’ safety standards have been met, followed by inspections by Bell network professionals to ensure full standards compliance. Along with the establishment of a new Centre of Excellence to share best practices with service providers and improve the overall process, these changes are expected to accelerate broadband deployments by other service providers, especially in rural areas.