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Learning and development GRI 404-2

At Bell, we offer a wide range of training for all team members, including enterprise-wide and role-based onboarding, and self-directed learning for personal and professional development.


G R I 103

Programs for upgrading employee skills allow companies to plan skills acquisitions that equip team members to meet strategic targets in a changing work environment. More skilled employees enhance the company's human capital and contribute to employee satisfaction, which correlates strongly with improved performance.


At Bell, we encourage all team members to engage in lifelong learning to maximize their professional growth. We support learning and development by providing training, tools, and resources to help strengthen team members’ skills, behaviours, and performance. Enabling our team members to continuously learn and develop is a powerful driver in supporting our Strategic Imperative to engage and invest in our people.

Our learning and development programs include targeted pathways and recommendations to help team members fully develop and build skills to stay abreast of the changing industry so that they can reach their leadership potential and career aspirations.

We launched the Bell Virtual University (Bell U) platform in 2020 to empower our team members to develop the relevant skills in the flow of their work, and in a social and collaborative way.

We offer a large selection of curated content through the Bell U platform for learners to upskill and grow not only their current job, but also to prepare them for the roles of the future.We also offer customized re-skilling pathways and programs for highly sought-after critical technical roles for team members looking to redirect their careers in the software development, AI/machine learning, cyber security and business intelligence areas.

Bell provides a wide range of certifications, including Microsoft technical certifications, and certifications for product and project management, business analysts, and business unit-specific functions. In addition, team members are leveraging our Education Assistance Program to pursue continuing education at external institutions.

In 2020, we invested over $23 million in learning solutions, partnerships, and training sessions that are relevant, current, innovative, and forward focused in an effort to further contribute to the success of the organization and the development and achievement of employee-driven goals.

We believe it is important to position our team members for success by providing them with clear targets based on a combination of personal objectives, business needs, and corporate strategy.

At Bell, career development is also supported by career conversations and through our performance management process. The leader ensures career conversations are taking place.

In our performance management process (PMP), team members participate in setting objectives that include demonstrating key leadership behaviours that are essential to succeed at Bell. Our process helps develop all of our team members, and connects individual objectives with our 6 Strategic Imperatives and our company goal.

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