Team members

Total compensation

Bell provides team members with total compensation packages that are competitive with the market in order to attract, engage, and retain talent.

To maintain market competitiveness, we review compensation levels at least once a year. We recognize our employees for their performance aligned with our 6 Strategic Imperatives to create value for our stakeholders.

Bell’s compensation package includes a competitive base salary, strong performance incentives, a range of benefits, including long-term and short‑term disability leaves, and retirement plans. We offer added savings and wealth-building opportunities, including a share purchase plan (with company matching), group tax‑free savings account (group TFSA), and a group retirement savings plan (group RSP). Moreover, we offer generous team member discounts on Bell services and purchases at The Source.

Our incentive plans reflect both the company’s success and individual achievements. The Achievement Incentive Plan covers approximately 23,000 team members and over the last few years eligible team members have benefited from payouts that consistently paid very close to or above targets.

Each year, team members receive a comprehensive total compensation statement providing a complete picture that goes beyond salary and performance-based bonus payments to include the value of the benefits, pension plan, and team member savings. Delivered as a personalized statement, the document also serves to alert team members to other programs so that they may make the most of every benefit Bell offers.

For information on benefits, retirement and savings plans, see our Annual Report (p. 134-135, and Note 26 starting on p. 154) and the Benefits, retirement, and savings information in the Key documents section.