Team members

Connecting with team members’ environmental values

Protecting the environment is an issue of high importance to our team members, and we have introduced many programs and practices that encourage the participation of our team members.


People are more engaged when their value system aligns with their job, and job satisfaction is determined more by how our values align with our work environment than by any other factor. Team members and organizations that share values share a bigger purpose. This match is critical to creating a long-lasting, successful, and motivating place to work.


At Bell, we survey our team members to better understand their values across a broad range of topics on a regular basis. More recently, we have sought feedback on their expectations and perceptions related to Bell's environmental initiatives and performance. We have responded with improved waste reduction programs, communications and events. We will continue to seek to align our initiatives with the feedback we receive.

At Bell, we provide waste sorting centres in most buildings to support team members’ desire to reduce waste and to compost while at work. There are electric car charging stations at many of our buildings to support team members' desire to participate in the electrification of transport in Canada's major cities. We offer bike sharing programs at some of our larger locations to support team members' desire to engage in healthy physical activity during breaks. We also team up with community-supported agricultural initiatives so that team members can access local fresh produce and products.

Recently, we upgraded our environmental leadership intranet site, Bellnet, to make it easier for team members to find information about Bell’s corporate environmental programs, activities and performance. We also use our intranet to promote green behaviours, including tips on making proactive green choices. Several times throughout the year, we publish articles about carpooling, saving energy at work, and properly sorting waste. Our sustainability guide for event planners assists Bell team members in making more sustainable choices when planning internal events.

Informal employee-led green initiatives include observing Earth Hour and organizing national Earth Day celebrations. For Earth Hour, team members across Canada get together to turn out the lights in buildings and turn off their computers at the designated time. In past years, for Earth Day, we supported the efforts of team members who organized presentations from local groups, including Équiterre, Electrobac, Lufa Farms, and others. In recent years, team members have organized annual electric car demonstration days and invited car and charging‑station companies for test drives. Participants have included Addénergie, Flo, Équiterre, Auto Prix and Bell team members with electric cars who were willing to take people on test drives. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, this kind of in-person collaboration with local organizations was not possible. We plan to re‑engage with these organizations as soon as global health precautions permit.

In the meantime, in 2020, we launched an informal green collaboration space using the SAP Jam platform. Participants can share events, tips, ideas, and stories related to the environment. These and other environmental initiatives have earned Bell a place on the list of Canada’s Greenest Employers for 5 consecutive years