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May 29, 2023

BCE plays an integral role in the Canadian economy through its wide range of innovative products and world-class wireless and fibre networks. In his speech at the Canadian Club, Mirko Bibic shared his insights on reducing place-based disparities in Canada through network technology, investment, and creating opportunities for businesses and communities.
June 1, 2023

Bell files another submission to the CRTC

On Wednesday, Bell filed another submission in response to the CRTC’s ongoing consideration of expanding mandated reseller access to high-speed broadband networks. The question facing the CRTC is clear: does it support network investment by private sector companies to build critical infrastructure or prop up resellers by mandating access to networks at low regulated rates?

Mandating access for resellers is not sustainable nor is it sound public policy. Broadband infrastructure is critical to Canada’s future economy and prosperity – these networks are essential to bridging the digital divide and ensuring that Canadians, no matter where they live and work, have equal opportunities to succeed.

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April 6, 2023

Your postal code should not determine your economic future

Canada finds itself on the cusp of something big. A combination of market forces, societal trends, and technological developments is creating new economic opportunities in smaller, peripheral, and rural communities. The possibility to bring investment, jobs, and hope to every corner of the country cannot be overstated. It represents a historic opportunity to diminish the importance of one’s postal code in determining their economic future. Download the full version below.

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March 24, 2023

Bell’s call to governmental action on infrastructure vandalism

Bell Aliant customers in New Brunswick have been impacted repeatedly by vandalism to our network. Governments need to take this threat more seriously.

Last night copper thieves severed our lines in the Fredericton area. Again. The attack impacted the Fredericton airport, banks and other businesses that rely on our networks. In addition, 1,200 customers in Oromocto are experiencing Internet, home phone and TV disruptions.

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